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Energy security is ever more important this fire season with the Shelter in Place order.  With fewer options for travel - keeping the lights on and the food fresh is ever more important.
Symmetric Energy provides custom tailored solutions to give you energy independence and economy.  Let us help you stay safe and energy independent this fire season.

With solar, the power to your home is as certain as the sun rising.



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 Making Solar Easy and Affordable

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

Share your power bills and tell us what you want and we will design a system to fit your needs. It is that easy!
Step 2: Manage Your Project

We will take care of all the plans, permits and inspections.  The process takes on average 2-4 weeks and you will be informed every step of the way.  
Step 3: Installation and After Service

Once your system is installed and approved for operation. Symmetric will monitor your system's performance to ensure  it gives you years of trouble-free service.   

 Gain energy independence this fire season

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 Have your Solar System revolve around you 

With 20+ years of solar design experience, we can guarantee a professionally designed system that we produce, personally.  Let us help you figure out what you need. 

 Top of the line equipment for a sound investment

We only carry top of the line equipment that we guarantee with last.  We provide a 10-year warranty on all equipment sold. 



"Working with David, Marius, and Elliott at Symmetric Energy has been a real pleasure. They’re knowledgeable, forward-thinking, friendly and completely professional. Our energy bill is down to the absolute minimum, and with their batteries, I don't even know what charging stations look like. I’ve recommended Symmetric to my family and friends - they are the absolute best at what they do."

— Philip Z. 

"Great service, they really know how to make getting solar easy"

— Ken M. 
"We are very happy and relieved customers of Symmetric Energy.  They adapted and installed their battery storage to work with our existing solar system.  We now have both electricity during a blackout and an added level of ongoing energy management to save money.  The sales and installation team were terrific and they stay in touch."

—  Paula R.

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